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One Night Stand – Jessie Ames, Princess Alice

Channel: Dark Room VR
Scene Release:
Scene duration: May 17, 2024
Scene quality: 7K VR

Two college girls Jessie Ames VR and Princess Alice VR want to take some time off their studies and travel a bit before going back home. They can’t afford spending much money on accommodation and have to sleep wherever possible. After a few days of globetrotting they finally decide to stay at one apartment that looked empty. They are not very comfortable with breaking into, but they have no choice. The girls are tired and trying to feel comfy at the new place. Suddenly the owner comes in and he is shocked to see two pretty half naked strangers in his apartment. The girls don´t want to be kicked out and promise to do whatever he wants to stay. Even if this means acting out one of the VR Porn fantasies together. The owner agrees and takes out his cock. Knowing this is the only way they can stay in the apartment, the girls take turns sucking his dick until he commands them to take off their panties. They enjoy being fucked by the big cock and tasting their cum on his throbbing meat. It is ok to stay as long as the girls let him shoot the load on their faces every night. It is a good deal they will not refuse.


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