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Finding Myself Just Started – Bella

Channel: ExCoGi
Pornstars: Bella
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  01:09:35
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Meet 21 year old fire cracker Bella who’s training to be a masseuse and she’s here to massage our stud Tyler Nixon’s stiff cock from the inside. See how I cleverly worked her future job into something sexual. Anyways, Bella tells us she’s a free spirit who recently broke up with her boyfriend to “find herself,” and since she really wants to “find herself” decided to do porn, which according to her is her “solid block” to not going back with him. And we all agree 100% that this logic makes perfectly sound scenes and to further help you “find yourself” you should possibly listen to @hoe_math which just happens to be a totally awesome podcast on youtube. His video “Self Maximize” could assist in providing some clarity for your journey. I’ve included a reference link to help speed the google search process everyone. Or maybe his video “Zones: A map of relationship types to help relieve dating confusion.” Go watch, enjoy and learn about the opposite sex and guys this podcast will help you get laid, maybe. It might also help some of you girls get out of the “Sleeper” category and into the “One and Only” category. Anyways again, Bella also loves girls.


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