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Hot Damn, I’m In Heaven – Catalina, Megan, Roxanne

Channel: ExCoGiGirls
Pornstars: Catalina, Megan, Roxanne
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 01:27:39
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Welcome back lesbian fans to today’s slit licking with returning hot as fuck lez lovers Megan, Roxanne, & relatively newbie to slit licking Catalina. It’s one of the best scenes to date in my humble opinion. It’s also Catalina’s first threesome EVER! Yea! So stick that up your pipe and smoke it and she’s super excited to explore her newfound love and infatuation of vagina. The fun’s kick started right off the get go as these three begin to play with each other and there’s plenty of asslicking, 69 action, pussy juice in your face fun for the entire family. But my favorite of the day was when Roxanne gets her slit licked by the other two simultaneously and hot damn is right. These girls are in heaven. So sit back and enjoy the ride as soft wet tongues explore and probe every tender and eager naughty place.


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