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Spicy PK’s First Video. That’s Preacher’s Kid – Bella, Megan

Channel: ExCoGiGirls
Pornstars: Bella, Megan
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 01:25:50
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Fathers, “Don’t shelter pretty girls because if you do we’ll go out and fuck everything we can find.” Said both Megan and Bella, and these words need to be taken seriously by all parents because that’s exactly what happened to these two lovely’s. Let me introduce you to newbie Bella who’s from the midwest and the second Preacher’s Daughter that we’ve had on the bed this year. The other was sexy Sunni in her debut here entitled; “Butt Plugs. To The Freezer & Beyond” and that title should spark some curiosity because all these fore mentioned girls are visions of perfection, angels from Heaven, gifts from God. I could go on and on but Wow! And today is proof that God is great and he wants us to be sexually happy and enjoy life. What’s better than true naughtiness and I can just feel the chemistry and energy that’s about to erupt on the bed and you’re going to want to stay up and watch this tornado of hotness make a wonderful mess of these two. So as we get to know Bella more during the interview portion of the program she divulges that she has a very naughty church camp story which she tells at that you don’t want to miss.


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