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Stress-Response – Hazel Moore, Nathan Bronson

Channel: Freeze
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  27:33
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Nathan Bronson is participating in a stress response test that is hosted by Hazel Moore. She briefly explains the process, hands him a button that he has to press every time the test becomes too uncomfortable, and then begins. Nathan gets called “a sissy” and “a momma’s boy”, Hazel keeps pressing him on and teasing him until he finally snaps and presses that button. Instead of the test stopping, Hazel has stopped in time, frozen still. Nathan gets weirded out for a bit but then remembers how humiliating all of that was. And after all, why wouldn’t he take advantage of the whole situation? He gets closer to Hazel and starts undressing her, revealing a set of beautiful tits, before taking place back in his chair and pressing the button again. This time, Hazel is back, and she has no clue what has happened except that she’s half-naked. She heads towards the door while saying that she’ll call security but it doesn’t go according to plan. Nathan presses the button again, and Hazel freezes. He gets closer and whips his big cock out to slam it inside the pretty interviewer’s mouth. Of course, the mouthfucking is not the only thing he wants. Nathan proceeds to strip Hazel completely and fuck her beautiful pink pussy all over the office, pressing the button multiple times just to see her body trembling from all the pounding, and then freezing her again until she decides to willfully fuck him.


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