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The Russians Are Cuming – Anya

Pornstars: Anya, Tyler Nixon
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  01:37:00
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Meet Anya, and I think this recently divorced woman is quite possibly the most overly sexualized and excited woman we have ever had here. That’s saying a lot, in more ways than one, because the first thing this man-eater said to Tyler when she walked through the door was “Don’t be boring.” Hey Anya, please don’t sugar coat things and why don’t you really tell us what you think. Today’s going to be fun and after Anya explained that she was in a loveless marriage for the past decade and a half it all became clear and explained why the flood gates had been open fully and why Anya’s out to celebrate her sexualness. Her other motto is “Just cheat,” and all I have to say is don’t fast forward through the interview or you’ll miss a lot. So after we find out that no amount of cocks at once would satisfy Anya and that she wants to fuck everyone on set and the gardener out on the balcony, Tyler gets this newly born cougar naked and the fireworks began and today’s sexual perversion was off to the races. 


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