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1, 2 Sniff on my Shoe – Vanessa Sky, Victor Ray

Channel: Love Her Feet
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 43:05
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Having a stay-at-home roomate is a bit bothersome. Vanessa Sky dresses up in her light blue lingerie, greenish grey skimpy dress, and silver high heels before taking off for the night. Her boyfriend’s brother, Victor Ray, watches her car leave before going through the Latina’s shoes. The naughty stud starts sniffing the beauty’s heels and relishing the residual smell. He is enjoying himself so much that he doesn’t hear the car coming back. Vanessa catches the man in the act, but she does not immediately reprimand him. She seems to be enjoying the view. The tattooed babe watches the man for a while before approaching and pretending to scold him. Victor, caught red-handed, makes up excuses to Vanessa and tries to wriggle his way out of the awkward situation. However, she shows that she does not believe him. After talking with the man for a while, she takes him to the bedroom, where they immediately make out.


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