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PervPrincipal – Her Husband Will Never Know – Essie Gotback, Ryan Mclane

Channel: Mylf
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  29:07
Scene quality:  HD1080p

Essie is called to her son’s principal’s office after he was caught breaking a myriad of school rules. When Essie learns the school plans to expel her son, she is left with no choice but to do whatever it takes to save him. The school principal, Ryan, thinks he may be able to help Essie out, but it’ll involve her getting a little touchy-feely with him. Essie can’t believe how perverted and crass Ryan is, and she knows her husband won’t approve of her getting fucked by another man. But this fling isn’t for her husband to know about, and Ryan makes that much very clear. Essie agrees, and although she knows it’s wrong and filthy, she gives up her body for Ryan to enjoy. She sucks his cock, using all of her skill and experience to please him. She fits his shaft down her throat with ease, showing the pervy principal how a real milf sucks cock. Essie is starting to have fun. It’s been a while since she’s fucked around with another man, and being submissive is a new thrill for her. She climbs on top, riding Ryan’s cock and quivering with delight as he pounds her hard. Essie gets on her knees, and Ryan cums, letting his load drip into her mouth and down her chin.


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