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Tiger Moms – Don’t You Dare Cum – Channy Crossfire, Victor Ray

Channel: Mylf
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  38:24
Scene quality:  HD1080p

Victor has a little issue when it comes to cumming – he just can’t help but cum too quickly. His stepmom, Channy, wants to help him out when she sees how down in the dumps he is. She’s a new-age Tiger Mom with a lot of focus on positive reinforcement, but she’s still traditional in that her stepfamily is her life, and their needs come first. Channy gives Victor a supportive talk before getting to a practical solution. The Asian babe teaches Victor all about edging and how to not cum so quickly. Victor is stunned at first. He is a little hesitant to fuck around with his stepmom, as it could drastically change their relationship, and he knows it’s wrong. Still, she’s a total babe, and the more she wants his dick, the more he gets turned on. If there is any woman in the entire world he wants to impress, it’s his stepmom. Channy sucks and plays with Victor’s cock until he feels like he’s about to bust, and then she leaves him with a pair of blue balls, refusing to let him cum. Victor can’t get his stepmom off of his mind. He wants to cum, but he won’t go against his stepmom’s wishes. One day, while Victor is showering, Channy surprises him and joins in. She wants to see if he’s improved, so she starts sucking his cock again. This time, Victor doesn’t get to his edge too quickly, but she still isn’t going to let him cum.


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