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Eva Generosi For OnlyTarts Again

Channel: Only Tarts
Pornstars: Eva Generosi
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 10:43
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Eva Generosi is already having a great day and it just keeps getting better. She spent the morning shopping with her new stepfather’s credit card. After buying some great new shoes and clothes she snuck into a sexy lingerie shop to buy something to wear for her boyfriend. Picking out sexy clothes always makes her horny because she can just imagine how excited her man will be to see her dressed like a slut. By the time she gets home, her pussy is wet and she is dying to get off. As luck would have it, her parents are out for the evening and she has the place all to herself. Taking advantage, she doesn’t bother going to her bedroom. She strips and enjoys the cool skin on her naked flesh for a moment, imagining how her man might react to seeing her this way. Her new outfit is still in the bag, but even that can wait because she has other needs. She pinches her nipples, allowing them to stiffen and sending shock waves down to her pussy. It has been too long since she has cum and she wants release right away. With nothing stopping her, she lets her fingers work their way down her stomach until they find the spot between her legs that makes her happiest. Her fingers slide into her tight folds and she can feel her clit throbbing. Being alone gives her the freedom to explore her body and the depths of pleasure she can give herself. Throwing her head back she cums all over her fingers knowing there will be several more moments like this one.


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