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Stepsisters’ Rescue Team – Lexi Lore & Kylie Rocket & Stella Luxx

Channel: Oops Family
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 38:15
Scene quality: 4K UHD

As summer approaches, stepsisters Lexi Lore, Kylie Rocket, and Stella Luxx are drawn to the pool like bees to honey. They love to lounge, gossip, and soak up the sun, but there’s always one buzzkill – their nerdy stepbrother. Decked out in his dorky swim gear, complete with a lifebuoy and armbands, he’s the last person they want to hang out with. But the girls decide to give him a chance and invite him to play ball. He’s hesitant, clinging to his safety gear like a life raft, but they manage to coax him in. But when they try to take off his gear, things go awry. He stumbles and falls into the pool, and the girls realize he can’t swim. They rush to his aid, pulling him out and trying to revive him. But little do they know, the guy is not as simple as it seems. And being perfectly aware of everything, he decides to teach Lexi, Kylie and Stella a lesson.


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