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Motel Malaise – Queenie Sateen, Skye Blue

Channel: Parasited
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  21:20
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Skye Blue and Queenie Sateen were on a road trip when they decided to make a stop at a small, rundown motel. As they entered their room, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of unease. And to make things worse, there was a strange, slimy substance on their bed. They searched the room for the source of the slime, and to their horror, they found a tiny, alien-like creature. At first, the creature seemed harmless, but as they got closer, it unexpectedly jumped into Skye’s mouth. In a matter of minutes, the parasite takes over and Skye feels an insatiable desire for sexual pleasure. Her friend watches in shock and tries to escape but Skye is faster – she transfers the creature to Queenie who also fells into the mind-control of the parasite. With the aliens now in full control, the girls surrendered themselves to the intense sensations flooding their bodies. The room is filled with moaning as the hotties engage in wild lesbian action.


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