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He Wore a Tuxedo – Ashlyn Angel, Josue Fit

Channel: See HIM Fuck
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 52:07
Scene quality: 4K UHD

23-year-old Mexican newbie Josue Fit makes his industry debut here today on See HIM Fuck, and we paired HIM up with 22-year-old Ashlyn Angel for this week’s “double debut” Latino ass-eating update! Director Johnny Robins kicks things off by interviewing HIM, followed by Josue standing up and dismissing his tux with some assistance from Ashlyn, who just had to plunk that stiff prick into her mouth for a minute. Ashlyn then lubes HIM up and gives HIM a slick reach-around before turning her attention to his hairy armpits. Ashlyn then allows HIM to take a seat so she can get all freaky-deeky with Josue’s socked and bare feet. Next up is the ass-eating portion of the program, where first Josue cops a squat on her pretty little face, followed by Ashlyn rimming and tonguing HIM while Josue is spread-eagle, via the Rusty Trombone, and from overhead with HIM doing a split in a reverse piledriver. The two then trade oral treats, as first Josue goes down and suckles on her clit, followed by Ashlyn slobbering and gagging on HIM. Finally, we get to See HIM Fuck, as Ashlyn takes ALL of HIM.


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