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Addyson James in Summer with Step Mom (Parts 1-3)

Channel: Taboo Heat
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 46:58
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Addyson James waves goodbye to my step-dad, who is going off on a work trip with his secretary for the whole summer. My (Luke Longly) step-mom, Addyson, and I are going to be alone in this big house all summer! She walks into my bedroom and she asks me if I want to share the bed with her and sleep naked together all summer. She opens up her robe, exposing her big tits to me. ‘What are you doing?!’ I gasp. ‘You can touch them if you want,’ she replies. Well, I guess I can’t say no to that! I reach out and I grab her big tits, but they’re so big that they can barely fit in my hand! She takes her robe off completely, exposing a clit piercing on her pussy. I didn’t know she had jewelry on her pussy; I learned something new today!


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