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Wife Wants the Younger Version – Zane Walker, Addison Vodka

Channel: Touch My Wife
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 26:39
Scene quality: 4K UHD

When your wife wants to have a talk, it’s rarely a good thing. Addison Vodka’s husband finds himself in this situation and it gets even worse. Her husband is getting older and Addison is just not satisfied with the quality of sex he provides – 5 minutes isn’t long enough! That’s when Zane Walker walks into the picture. Addison confesses that she has been fucking Zane and she wants her husband to watch them. Her husband is reluctant but wants to stay married to Addison, so he agrees. Addison starts by sucking Zane’s cock and interrogating her husband about his feelings. Zane eats this horny hotwife’s pussy while her husband watches them. He starts pounding her fluffy little muff from behind, giving Addison intense orgasms. Addison reaches out to hold her husband’s hand as she cums repeatedly on Zane’s stiff dick. Zane pounds her hard and creampies her hotwife pussy, Addison oozes it out and even licks it up!


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