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Fit Brazilian Booty Bang – Serena

Pornstars: Serena
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  01:07:19
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Welcome back for another FANTASTIC casting! We’ve got 18-year-old Serena this week, and she is so much fun. She is the quintessential girl next door, she’s thick in all the right places, she’s got a great set of cans, and she’s just so bubbly and cute. She shows up in a really nice leathery get-up. She kinda reminds me of the Billie Eilish singer who’s so popular with the young ones. And as I mentioned, this girl is hip. On the couch it’s a fun interview, again very bubbly, smiley, and willing to answer all of Rick’s questions. When it’s time to get naked, she’s willing but a little nervous about not being shaved up all nice and neat. That’s okay, we know you weren’t expecting to show us the goods today, so that makes it even sexier, if you ask me. She willingly complies, and before she knows it, she’s naked, spreading her asshole for a couple of strangers. One little note: this is one of the few girls who, when asked to grab her ankles, actually grabs her ankles. Gotta love that sexy, submissive compliance. Back on the couch, she’s a girl who knows what she likes, and she likes vibrators. So she gets busy right away playing with that pussy. Now she mentions during the interview she’s super new to anal, and she’s basically a virgin minus some fingers, really. She’s so new, she has just a little bit of trouble getting the buttplug in. She’s a trooper, though; I think pushing her limits a bit makes her feel submissive. Finally, it’s time for the real fun, and after some questions about contracts, she’s on her knees.


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