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Red Bottoms – Daya

Pornstars: Daya
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  01:06:00
Scene quality:  4K UHD

Welcome back friends! We’ve got a real fun one this week. Meet Daya, She’s 31, and she’s involved in fashion somehow. From jump street this girl is a mix of classy and sassy. I gotta say I reallyI love this girl’s refined style. She’s got the red stunner dress, the designer purse, those red bottom shoes. Even the sorta short hair quiff that gives her that je ne sais quoi. She’s smiley and bubbly and confident, I really dig it. On the couch she’s got some great stories for us, so make sure you listen to those. My favorite story is how she’s got a boyfriend who doesn’t know she’s here today. Naughty naughty Daya, hehe. We’re really gotta see what this gal is hiding under that beautiful red dress, and as confident and steadfast as she seemed in the interview, she pretty quickly submits and gets naked for us. She’s got a rockin’ body, and that red thong is just as stunning as that red dress was. After some more playful poses, she’s ready to show us how she plays. She likes the vibrator, and we’re starting to see that she’s a little more into the anal than we might have thought.


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