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Rare & Made In Heaven – Catalina, Megan

Channel: ExCoGiGirls
Pornstars: CatalinaMegan
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 01:49:07
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Get ready everyone for one of the sweetest, most petite, and absolutely adorable tatted up newbies to slit licking we have ever had here on the excogigirls bed. Meet Catalina, it’s her first sex on camera and it’s her first time lesbian also so it’s a double treat, and don’t let all of her body art spoil or taint your judgment of this super sweet and sexually inexperienced first time flower because all of her body art mean’s something special and is very important to her. But back to just how innocent and sweet this girl is because I’ve taken note of a few members’ requests to focus on when and how often a girl masturbates and this interview should please those horny and perverted ears. Let’s see what else is special about Catalina, well she also has the most dainty and perfectly adorably / charming vagina and butthole. When this little girl walked through our doors it was like Little Bo Peep in wolfs clothing, and I mean this in the most edgy sexy way possible. There isn’t anything about this girl not worth paying attention to. Her tits are perfect, and I do mean perfect. Women pay ten’s of thousands of dollars to get breasts this perfect and the tit Gods overly blessed Catalina. I know I just want to lay her petite naked body down and play with her nipples and lightly suck and nibble on them while spreading her perfectly small and compact vagina lips while slowly beginning to circle her eagerly wet and moist clit with my index finger.


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