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He’s Not Afraid – Queenie Sateen, Milan Ponjevic

Channel: Love Her Feet
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 52:44
Scene quality: 4K UHD

While waiting for her beau to arrive, Queenie Sateen chats with a friend on her phone while admiring the view. Deciding that it’s too hot to be outside, the beautiful babe walks in and checks in on Milan, who’s busy working on a project. Queenie sits on a chair, swaying her legs about before sliding her black stiletto heels off and not minding that someone else can see. Feeling the bespectacled man’s stare on her bare feet, she calls him out on the act and is delighted when he fumbles for an excuse before admitting to having a foot fetish. Finding out such a fact makes Queenie horny, as her boyfriend seems to neglect that part of her body. Milan approaches the delectable foot goddess, being granted permission to do whatever he pleases to the dainty feet, and does not plan on wasting such a chance. Removing the other shoe, he begins worshipping Queenie’s feet by kissing, smelling, shrimping, and sucking whichever part he can wrap his lips on. When he unzips his jeans, she uses her soft soles and in between her French-tipped toes to give him a footjob while touching her already throbbing pussy.


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