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MYLF VIP – The House Bunny – Charlotte Sins, Aria Banks, Maya Woulfe, Bunny Madison, Athena Heart, Jade Valentine, Sonny Mckinley, Breezy Bri, Evie Christian, Bobbi Shay, Evan Stone, Donnie Rock, Tyler Cruise, Joshua Lewis, Carlos Dickinson, Dylan Ledger

Channel: Mylf
Scene Release:
Scene duration:  01:47:45
Scene quality:  HD1080p

Bunny’s life has always been easy. Her good looks and her fierce sexual energy have provided her with a pampered and luxurious lifestyle. But all this flies out of the window when, out of the blue, her sugar daddy deems her too old. Now, Bunny must take on the world head-on, with only her cunning and her sexual prowess to guide her. Things take a positive turn when she meets Maya, Jade, and Charlotte, three college chicks who are all brains but have no luck in the “getting attention from boys” department. Bunny thinks she can help these girls turn their lives around, although they’re skeptical of her ditsy demeanor.


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