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Post-Game Score – Izzy Wilde, La Petite Blonde

Channel: Transfixed
Scene Release:
Scene duration: 33:46
Scene quality: 4K UHD

Izzy Wilde and La Petite Blonde come back to Izzy’s place after a pulse-pounding soccer match. They both play for opposite teams, but they’re good friends and they know it’s all just for fun. That being as it may, Izzy can’t help but playfully groan about getting her ass kicked by Blonde’s team, even if it was a close game! Izzy’s not a sore loser about it… though she IS sore somewhere else: her calves. They’re all stiff and crampy after having to run up and down the soccer pitch for these last few hours. Wanting to help her friend, Blonde offers to give Izzy a calf massage, and Izzy delightfully accepts. But as Blonde’s supple hands move up and down Izzy’s legs, sparks begin to fly between the two friends. Before they know it, their breathing has quickened and their bodies have come much closer. It seems like this platonic massage might lead to something a bit more… sensual. Guess the soccer pitch isn’t the only place these ladies are going to score…


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